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Santaj Edwards known professionally as Santaj Jacque’ is a Master Hair Stylist with over 25 years of experience and 15 years of licensed experience! She has worked on weddings, photo shoots, and music videos, also attended Atlanta’s Bronner Brothers Hair show where she took advanced classes such as; hair weaving, coloring, natural hair and more! In the beginning stage of her career she was also featured in Flossin Magazine! 


She takes pride in teaching her clients about healthy hair care, not only making them beautiful but also maintaining the integrity of their hair!


Santaj Jacque’ has big hopes and dreams of being a Master Stylist for the Entertainment Industry! She also wants to one day own her own chain of beauty salons!


Santaj is a proud mother of 2 growing boys, with a significant other of 15yrs, who is continuously her support system and whom she is grateful for!

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