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Santaj Jacque'
Master Stylist
Hair Care Specialist
CEO of LoveSome Hair Care Products


Santaj Edwards known professionally as Santaj Jacque’ is a Master Hair Stylist with over 25 years of overall experience and 16 years of professional experience! She is a Hair Care Specialist and is also the CEO of LoveSome Hair Care Products. Since starting her product line she has made giant strides in partnering with Coffee Creek Correctional Facility becoming their hair care product and supply distributor!


She continues to expand her portfolio by working on weddings, photo shoots, and music videos. Santaj attends Atlanta’s Bronner Brothers Hair shows to further her education by taking advanced classes such as; hair weaving, coloring, natural hair and more! 


Santaj is someone who takes pride in not only making her clients beautiful but also maintaining the integrity of their hair, while teaching them healthy hair care practices. 


She is also someone who has aspirations of owning her own chain of Beauty Supply Stores and she inspires the next generation, other hair professionals and anyone else who wants to learn by having online and in person classes and courses


She is a proud mother of 2 growing boys, with a significant other of 15yrs, who is continuously her support system and whom she is grateful for! hair care specialist

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