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We all want love, well so does your hair and scalp! This bundle is all about giving your hair what it needs, moisture.. moisture.. moisture. Get all the hydration while still deep cleansing by starting with our Biotin & Coconut Oil Moisture Rich Shampoo. Follow up with our Deep Repair Masque and while you love on your hair, it will LOVE you back with all natural ingredients that include; Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Biotin, Tea Tree, and Vitamin E oils. After applying, glide through your hair and detangle with our LoveSome detangle brush.


SKU: 671253175371
$48.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • When LOVE is in the HAIR!


    Pro Tip - After applying Deep Repair Masque and detangling; add processing cap and heat then leave on for 15-30 minutes for the ultimate moisture experience!  

    1 - Biotin & Coconut Oil Moisture Rich Shampoo

    1 - Deep Repair Masque

    1 - Detangle Brush

  • No Refunds!

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